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Simon Haddon simon at
Thu Dec 12 17:39:49 EST 2002

Hi Everyone.

I took Damien's advice and mucked around with xset.  Still can stop the 
screen from blanking out.  I have used the following to stop DPMS.
	$ xset s noblank dpms 0 0 0
	$ xset -dpms

You have to do it with 2 commands as changing the dpms settings 
re-enables dpms again. Still found that it didn't help.

I then found that xscreensaver was re-enabling the dpms settings as it 
records the settings in its .xscreensaver configuration.  Setting the 
values to 0 0 0 and no dpms using xscreensaver-demo stopped it stuffing 
up my dpms settings.

Still didn't work.  It now blanks out after 30 minutes but I don't have 
dpms enabled even if I disable the screen saver.  It also blanks out in 
console at run level 1.  Go figure.  

Can anyone help.  It is driving me mad.  The main problem is that if I 
want to watch a movie with xine then I can't without the screen blanking. 
 Note the xine provides simulates key presses to prevent the screen saver 
triggering and that bit works but the screen still goes blank after 30 
minutes.  I have also tried stopping the apm deamon in case that had some 

Any help is appreciated.

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On 6/12/02, 10:24:26 AM, Simon Haddon <simon at> wrote regarding 
Re: What kind of laptop?:

> Ah.  All this time and I have never thought of xset.  Thanks :-)

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> On 5/12/02, 5:27:47 PM, Damien Elmes <clug at> wrote regarding Re:
> What kind of laptop?:

> > Simon Haddon <simon at> writes:

> > > I have found that the DVD works well.  It took a little bit of stuffing
> > > around to get the DVD + sound + dvd menu working but it plays really nice
> > > and smooth.  It is as good as the Windows version.  I haven't tried it
> > > using the S-video output yet.  The only problem I have is that the screen
> > > want to keep blanking itself out even when I have killed xscreensaver and
> > > apmd.

> > Perhaps you want "xset s noblank" and the dpms arguments to xset.

> > Cheers,

> > --
> > Damien Elmes

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