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Alastair D'Silva deece at
Wed Dec 11 23:21:13 EST 2002

Thanks to everyone who wants one of the Alphas, I'll let you all know
once I've catalogued and tested all of them.

Each alpha is rackmounted, and comes with its own rack (you could yank
it and use it by itself of course) as well as a number of SCSI hot swap
enclosures and some external RAID controllers. I will not sell the
machines without the rack (unless you provide me with some incentive to
do so) as I CBF'd removing them and I am very short on space with 8 of
these things crammed into my garage.

With a cursory glance, it looks like theres 2 Alphaserver 2100 A500MP
units (I'll probably keep one for myself) and 6 Alphaserver 1000s (4/200
and 4/266).

I've also got one AlphaServer 1000 here with a dead PSU and no RAM
(cannibalized for spare parts for my Indigo) which is free to a good
home. It wants 72 pin parity fast page memory (which is really hard to
get hold of). It does have a 1Gb SCSI hard drive, as well as a floppy
and SCSI CDROM, so at least some use may come out of it.

I'll probably dish out the Alphas on a first come first serve basis,
with preference going to the 4 people who have already expressed an
interest in them. You'll need a trailer/ute/van to take them, since the
racks are quite big.

Once I've had some time to sit down and figure how it all fits together,
I'll make up a list and let people pick and choose what they want
(theres lots of enclosures, and stupidly large amounts of 2.1GB and
4.5GB drives, as well as about 20 or so 9.1GB 7200rpm units). I'm
currently leeching FreeBSD 5.0-RC1 for the Alpha, and will provide CDs
to those who end up getting a machine.

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