Connecting to Transact SEC: UNCLASSIFIED

John Griffiths john at
Wed Dec 11 11:15:09 EST 2002

it's a standards compliant pppoe

the one big tip is to make SURE the ISP has enabled your account properly,
perhaps impress on them that the demonstration willr efelct on them too..

At 10:13 AM 12/11/02 +1100, Cox, Neil wrote:
>Can anyone point me to instructions/howtos on configuring a linux box to
>connect to Transact.
>I've googled without much luck.
>My current impressions are that I'm looking at pppoe and that it should be
>similar to connecting to Telstra's ADSL (which I've done before).
>I will be trying to set this up in front of other people, and I'm just
>trying to avoid embarassing myself with silly assumptions.
>The machine to be connected is running RH6.2 (P100 64Mb Ram, 2 ethernet
>cards), which I would rather not upgrade for various reasons.
>Any suggestions appreciated.

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