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John Griffiths john at
Mon Dec 9 10:42:02 EST 2002

'ere you go, from the Software Improvements site:

"eVACStm, developed by Software Improvements, is the electronic voting and
vote counting system used for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Legislative Assembly Election of 20 October 2001....

... eVACS is written in C and sits on a cut-down Debian GNU linux operating


If you want to baffle with bullshit I'd recommend:

if it's good enough for the super spooks its good enough for the ACT govt

Wasn't the electronic voting system in the last ACT election Debian based?

that should make a good point surely?

At 10:32 AM 12/9/02 +1100, Burn Alting wrote:
>On Sun, 8 Dec 2002 15:55, Steve Jenkin wrote:
>> I've got an hour on Thu 19th Dec with Ted Quinlan [deputy Chief minister]
>> to 'brief' him on Open Source.
>> I've got the structure done [4 sections: 'What is  "Open Src"', 'Examples',
>> 'Local Advantages', 'Actions']  I've had it explained to me to keep it
>> _simple_ and brief and not to expect any reaction on the spot [that's up to
>> the advisors & party machine later].
>> I'm asking the group for specific help on 2 points:
>> - Real URL's that show that using OpenSrc is 'safe', especially in Govt.
>> - Any URL's or refs to articles that show Canberra/ACT is 'uniquely
>> blessed' wrt OpenSrc
>>   [A friend remembered an article claiming "4 of the 'top ten' opensrc
>> developers' were in ACT.  Tridge, Paulus, Rusty Russell.  Anyone seen the
>> article or can name the fourth?]
>> TIA
>> sj
>You could try the paper prepared for the UK's Occupational Health and Safety 
>Department (Health & Safety Executive - which assesses  how 
>Linux can be used for safety related systems ...
>I also believe the German Air Traffic Control systems use Linux - perhaps 
>check out their web site.
>Lastly, look at a mailing list on Linux in Government
>Burn Alting

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