Help with 'Open Source' Briefing

Steve Jenkin sjenkin at
Sun Dec 8 15:55:48 EST 2002

I've got an hour on Thu 19th Dec with Ted Quinlan [deputy Chief minister] to
'brief' him on Open Source.

I've got the structure done [4 sections: 'What is  "Open Src"', 'Examples', 'Local
Advantages', 'Actions']  I've had it explained to me to keep it _simple_ and brief
and not to expect any reaction on the spot [that's up to the advisors & party
machine later].

I'm asking the group for specific help on 2 points:
- Real URL's that show that using OpenSrc is 'safe', especially in Govt.
- Any URL's or refs to articles that show Canberra/ACT is 'uniquely blessed' wrt
  [A friend remembered an article claiming "4 of the 'top ten' opensrc developers'
were in ACT.  Tridge, Paulus, Rusty Russell.  Anyone seen the article or can name
the fourth?]


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