What kind of laptop?

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Hmmm.  I have the 1.7Ghz version and I don't seem to get the antialiased 
effect your talking about.  I think that the Ir port on the front is so 
you can link to your PDA easier.  On the side would have been good.  The 
wireless is also just the antenna.  If you want wireless then you need to 
buy the Toshiba card to use the internal antenna.

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On 4/12/02, 7:41:37 PM, Matthew Hawkins <matt at mh.dropbear.id.au> wrote 
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> I used a Toshiba TE2100 today.  Came with a 1.64Ghz P4 and some Nvidia
> GeForce 4 420 Go video card, and the usual crap you get on laptops
> (wireless, infrared, USB ports, DVD, clit mouse, etc).  I forget if it
> had 128 or 256Mb of ram.

> It was on for about 3 hours, certainly didn't heat up uncomfortably
> (unlike a few other Toshiba models, mostly older ones, that have come in
> and don't last 5 minutes without the ability to fry eggs on the wrist
> rest) but two things stuck out; first the Ir port was on the front of
> the case (everything else I've seen has had it to the side or at the
> rear).  I can't see a front-mount Ir port being useful to connect
> laptops for network games ;)  The other thing was that while the
> screen was a decent size (looked roughly 15" viewable) - all displayed
> text appeared to be automagically antialiased - even in MS-DOS.  This is
> possibly a feature of the GeForce 4, I don't know.  But it certainly
> made the text difficult to read.
> Oh, the other thing was that I think the hard drive was a bit slow.  It
> certainly didn't feel like a P4 (I had a desktop P4 sitting next to me
> of similar spec, which got the disk I/O done a *lot* quicker)

> --
> Matt
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