What kind of laptop?

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Wed Dec 4 19:41:37 EST 2002

I used a Toshiba TE2100 today.  Came with a 1.64Ghz P4 and some Nvidia
GeForce 4 420 Go video card, and the usual crap you get on laptops
(wireless, infrared, USB ports, DVD, clit mouse, etc).  I forget if it
had 128 or 256Mb of ram.

It was on for about 3 hours, certainly didn't heat up uncomfortably
(unlike a few other Toshiba models, mostly older ones, that have come in
and don't last 5 minutes without the ability to fry eggs on the wrist
rest) but two things stuck out; first the Ir port was on the front of
the case (everything else I've seen has had it to the side or at the
rear).  I can't see a front-mount Ir port being useful to connect
laptops for network games ;)  The other thing was that while the
screen was a decent size (looked roughly 15" viewable) - all displayed
text appeared to be automagically antialiased - even in MS-DOS.  This is
possibly a feature of the GeForce 4, I don't know.  But it certainly
made the text difficult to read.
Oh, the other thing was that I think the hard drive was a bit slow.  It
certainly didn't feel like a P4 (I had a desktop P4 sitting next to me
of similar spec, which got the disk I/O done a *lot* quicker)

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