What kind of laptop?

John Griffiths john at capmon.com
Wed Dec 4 12:57:19 EST 2002

So does anyone know a good source for second hand laptops they'd like to

as my chances of getting a Tibook for xmas are diminishing (been a bad boy)

At 12:39 PM 12/4/02 +1100, James McNeill wrote:
>But the Tibook is just *THAT* cool
>It look sooo nice
>1 ghz G4
>1/2 gig RAM
>DVD burner
>gigabit ethernet
>what more d'ya wan't?
>Besides, I'd rather give my money to apple, and get a copy of OS X to boot,
>than throw money at Dell or HP and get yet another copy of windows that i
>can put in a box the others.
>I'll get a Tibook ..... as soon as i can afford a new car, a house, a girl
>(v. expensive), and a PDA.
>Once i've got all that sorted (in about 55 years), Tibook all the way baby!

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