What kind of laptop?

Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
Wed Dec 4 12:33:49 EST 2002

Alex wrote:
>Jepri wrote:
>> right now the apple laptops look like being perfect except for the 
>> massive price tag.

>You get what you pay for.  Consider too that the Titanium powerbook is 
>the only laptop that I know of that uses real metal for its metallic case.

Or get what you need. I picked up a HP Omnibook 7150 (14.1" screen, DVD, PII 300)
for less than $600. Good battery & runs Debian beautifully[1]. The only negative
is that it's quite large/heavy.

We had Omnibook 4100's here at work, and an uncomfortable portion were
frequently away for repairs. The 4150 seemed OK though.

I'm also a fan of IBM Thinkpads, (except maybe excluding the DSP modem).
One user managed to drop his and IBM replaced the screen for nothing. :o)

> Until I can afford a Tibook, I'm staying laptopless =(

OTOH, it also depends what you want to do with it. For web, mail. mp3 and some
typing, an older laptop may be OK. Batteries are usually a problem on old laptops.

[1] Other than a day spent cursing AC97 audio.

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