Laptop help

James McNeill james at
Wed Dec 4 11:21:54 EST 2002

> they will not sell me a laptop without an m$ license attached

I've been having exactly the same gripes with PDAs. I would love to get a
iPAQ h3*70 kinda thing, but it comes with windows CE (or something similar)
M$ office, doze media player... arggg! I have nightmares about these
programs, and I'll be damned if i'm gonna pay for them.
The only PDA i could find w/ Linux (or anything non-Palm or MS) was that
Sharp thingey, but it's not got the grunt of the iPAQ, and nowhere sells
them yet.
5 points to sharp for making a linux PDA anyway.


PMB. anyone noticed, windows CE, windows ME, windows NT   .....  cement!
he. he.

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