What kind of laptop?

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Wed Dec 4 10:39:00 EST 2002

Alex Satrapa wrote:

> The Tibook can also be equipped with built-in wireless, as opposed to 
> those tacky PC Card wireless things with the big dongles hanging out the 
> side (or antennae stuck all over your laptop making it look like a 
> martian).

The fact that the TiBook is made with a real metal case and that it supposedly 
supports built-in wireless is a source of immense frustration to the half 
dozen or so TiBook users I know of here at DCS and at RSISE at the ANU who 
actually believe the Apple marketing propaganda and try and use an internal 
wireless card.

Most all modern laptops now support built-in 802.11b (my Dell C600 has had it 
for at least 15 months).

TiBooks are not the only laptops made with real metal cases. The Sony Vaio's 
also have alloy cases (not titanium, though). My one has a "big dongle hanging 
out the side" for it's wireless, but I can't see any resemblance to a Martian 
- although now I'll know what to look for when I am trying to find a Martian.

Older TiBooks have had problems with the brittleness of Titanium in everyday 
use. Check out Rusty's TiBook sometime if you want an example of how fragile 
the hinges on these things are.

Other than all that, they are a beautiful machine with good battery life etc.


Bob Edwards.

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