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Simon Burton simonb at
Wed Dec 4 08:41:09 EST 2002

Hi Mikal,

I'd like to continue working on (implementing ideas for) the CLUG website,
partly to show gratitude to CLUG for choosing me to go to,
but also because i'd like to finish what i started.

Was asking a while back for the source code to your page:

Oh, bkmrkconv is up. How interesting:

The reason why the Zope demo didn't work on thursday
is (i think) because it uses a login, and pro'ly your moz
was ignoring that. So zope does have security, and you can
roll back changes etc.

But, anyway, i think it's a better idea to go with what is already
installed, ie. TWiki. I'd especially like to see a page with clug "members"
and what they do and linux projects they are involved in. This should be easy for a wiki.
... And it would be great to have the upcoming talks/events listed on the
front page.

ok, enough for now,

Simon Burton

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