Shamless Plug: Re: What kind of laptop?

Alex Satrapa grail at
Wed Dec 4 02:41:01 EST 2002

Alex Satrapa wrote:
> I'm currently messing about with a rebadged Asus 2000 series laptop - 
> pentium 4, built in everything (10/100Mbps ethernet, 56k modem, sound 
> card, 2 PC Card slots, 2 USB, 2 firewire, IRdA.  I don't think its 
> screen is quite as nice to look at as the Tibook's (or iBook's) screen.

I forgot to mention the S-Video out and parallel port.

Perhaps I should specify that it's a TPG (Total Peripherals) badge on 
this laptop.

This laptop isn't quite as sexy as a Tibook, but it's also not as 
pricey!  I think it's in the region of $3k, for a 1.2GHz Pentium 4 
Mobile (/proc/cpuinfo reckons it's a 1.7GHz CPU).  Compiles kernels 
faster than I can make a cup of tea!

Give Richard Bartlett or Mike Doering a call on (02) 6285 1711 if you 
want to find out more.


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