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> While we're laptopping, I'm looking at getting one too.  Could people
> recommend their favourites?  I'm looking for:

I'm a big fan of IBM thinkpads. My most recent obsessive focus has been the
miniature X23 (or thereabouts). I'm of course writing on an IBM laptop so
old that it provokes peels of laughter from all and sundry.

I used to have a T20 which was great. I did snap part of the case (it flexed
afterwards in a very disconcerting way), but I'm not gentle with my
technology. You might find a second hand one would fit the bill for you.
Mine was fitted with 512MB RAM, I'm not sure what you meant by "tons", but I
think it's sufficient for a desktop. My only quibble was with the video
"card" which was pretty dodgey (but I also had some weird driver issues with

I've seen real problems with a top of the line IBM A40 (I think) and its
integrated WiFi. It just didn't work. I suspected a dry solder, or some
other kind of dodgey, internal connection (occasionally an excellent signal
would appear for a few seconds, and then vanish). The reseller was
apparently not terribly helpful. IBM's WiFi PC cards also got a pasting in
online forums (innumerable faults), but I'm not sure if that's related to
the newer, integrated ones.

FWIW the IT guys where I used to work said they had less problems with Dell
than IBM laptops.


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