What kind of laptop?

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Wed Dec 4 01:07:24 EST 2002

Jepri wrote:
> right now the apple laptops look like being perfect except for the 
> massive price tag.

You get what you pay for.  Consider too that the Titanium powerbook is 
the only laptop that I know of that uses real metal for its metallic case.

Compaq and toshiba use silver/gunmetal painted plastic, which rubs off 
on your palms, especially since they're sweating so much due to the heat 
of the over powered processor ;)

Also note that you can safely use your Tibook on your lap, but a Pentium 
III or 4 based laptop will give you burns in nasty places 

The Tibook can also be equipped with built-in wireless, as opposed to 
those tacky PC Card wireless things with the big dongles hanging out the 
side (or antennae stuck all over your laptop making it look like a martian).

The new Tibook can also take advantage of Quartz Extreme (the inbuilt 
video is based on a Radeon, which is min spec for QE) should you decide 
to keep running Mac OS X 10.2 instead of switching to Linux.

I'm currently messing about with a rebadged Asus 2000 series laptop - 
pentium 4, built in everything (10/100Mbps ethernet, 56k modem, sound 
card, 2 PC Card slots, 2 USB, 2 firewire, IRdA.  I don't think its 
screen is quite as nice to look at as the Tibook's (or iBook's) screen.

Until I can afford a Tibook, I'm staying laptopless =(


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