Laptop help

Alex Satrapa grail at
Wed Dec 4 00:55:33 EST 2002

Jepri wrote:
> Talk to the local distributors.  And keep beating at them.  The dumb 
> sales guy may try and tell you that it is the law that they have to sell 
> you windows.  Usually there will be someone else there who knows better.

In Australia, it's the law that they have to sell the computer with an 
OS installed.

Most laptop manufacturers ship the laptop with Windows pre-installed. 
Thus to get an OS-free laptop, they actually have to take the OS off the 

> The smaller stores are better.  When it comes to negotiating a price, 
> just tell them you don't need windows, you can fix that up yourself.

Tell them you're going to install Linux/FreeBSD/whatever yourself.  Do 
not tell them that you can get Windows from elsewhere - the more people 
say they want Linux or something else preinstalled, the sooner the 
retailers will get the message.


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