[linux] [newbie] Tar - Is there a 2Gb limit file size on NT4

Ken Walker ken.walker at textiles.umist.ac.uk
Tue Dec 3 22:59:34 EST 2002

well for max file sizes, i found out for win95/win98 its 4Gb-1Kb, and for
ntfs its 4Gb-1byte, on ntfs5.1 its toooo big to cause anyone any problems,
in the trillion bytes range. So the 2Gb limit i'm having is not the target
max file size limits.

NTFS r/w problems only occur when the drive is in the Linux machine, not
remotely connected across networks.

Am i right in thinking it doesn't effect tape devices because there not
block devices ?

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I'm just picking up on the tail end of this thread, so someone might
have already answered this.  I'm assuming your NT partition is setup
with FAT.  If so, FAT (Win9x, WinNT) has a 2GB limit.  That's why when
drives larger than 2GB first appeared, they were set up with multiple
2GB partitions.  I believe that FAT32 and NTFS gets around this. 
Problem is that NTFS is currently read-only in Linux (AFAIK). 


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