Kpackage/gnorpm in RedHat 8.0

Mick Howe mickhowe at
Mon Dec 2 11:28:11 EST 2002

On Friday 29 November 2002 15:07, Doug.Palmer at shouted from the 
> I've just installed RH 8.0 and I've been looking for a decent RPM manager.
> Try as I might, I can't find kpackage or gnorpm, beyond the sort of shadowy
> outlines that used to indicate disgraced party leaders that had been
> airbrushed out of photos in Stalinist states. The new installation manager
> looks nice, but is pretty useless. And using straight rpm is a bit of a
> pain when what I want to do is browse.
> Does anybody know of any rocks that I haven't turned over.

I just installed gnorpm from 7.3 and it seems to work as expected


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