Examples of 'dpkg --get-selection > packagesinstalled.txt' for firewall

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Mon Dec 2 10:19:07 EST 2002

Matthew Hawkins wrote:
> What I didn't think of at the time (since I was only half-interested ;)
> is the fact that should the logs be kept on the firewall, and the
> firewall dies, you lose your logs anyway!

I've had the firewall box logging to a log host since it was set up. 
That way, I have logs on the firewall box itself *and* on the log host. 
  The logs on the firewall are mainly for convenience - if the log host 
dies, or its disk gets full (both events have happened to me too often 
to ignore), I still have logs to read.  I need logs for such things as:
  - counting number of attempted attacks
  - finding out how Telstra messed things up today
  - checking that dial-up services are working correctly
  - watching the status of the OpenVPN tunnels

It's much easier to read the log files when there's only one machine 
name scrolling past.

> The other counter-argument which also springs to mind is the fact that
> Alex doesn't read the log files anyway

Just because you don't see anything that happens around you, don't 
assume that nothing's happening. :)

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