Kpackage/gnorpm in RedHat 8.0

Doug.Palmer at Doug.Palmer at
Mon Dec 2 09:29:23 EST 2002

> From: Matthew Hawkins [mailto:matt at] 
> Doug.Palmer at (Doug.Palmer at wrote:
> >  
> > > FWIW, my RH8.0 has:
> > >     RedHat -> System Settings -> Packages
> > 
> > That's the new one. It's pretty and nice for installation. 
> But where are my
> > details? Where's the list of packages? Where's the list of 
> dependencies? And
> I don't believe there's an equivalent in Redhat as Redhat doesn't do
> anything close to proper package management.  From memory, "rpm -qa"
> will give you the list of installed packages, and that's 
> about as close
> as you can get.

Kpackage allows me to browse rpms with lists of dependencies and hyperlinks
to those which are installed.

rpm is a decent enough back-end and command line tool -- and can be used to
list dependencies, "rpm -qR -p <package-file>" works fine. But it's not for
browsing though your installed system so that you figure out what's there
and what's not.

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