Redhat 8.0 install problems

Simon Burton simonb at
Sun Dec 1 10:25:47 EST 2002

I've had these problems too (not with your CDs).
It was an older machine so i thought it was a memory problem (32Mb);
i think it was barfing on a different package.

Now RH8.0 is working on my main box. I'm not so impressed, but it
is nice to have a (mostly) non broken installation again,


On Sun, 1 Dec 2002 08:57:11 +1100
Michael Still <mikal at> wrote:

> Hey,
> has anyone actually installed the redhat 8.0 discs I burnt for them? I
> just picked up a new machine, so I thought I would give it a try. Here's
> my experiences in brief:
>  - boot off cd, and it asks if you want to verify the installation media
>  - I said yes
>  - partition and stuff like that
>  - it fails to read the zlib package and I get a unhandled python
> exception
>  - reboot
>  - boot off cd
>  - do everything the same
>  - it fails to read some other package, and I get the exception and reboot
>  - give up and install 7.3
> I've had no troubles with the CD drive before, and it's a new hard disc.
> Are the CDs I am handing out defective (despite verifying), or am I just
> cursed?
> Mikal
> -- 
> Michael Still (mikal at     UTC +11 hours

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