MS SQL server anyone?

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Fri Aug 30 12:47:55 EST 2002

To quote Rasmus, if you are abstracting down to something like
DBI, it really doesn't matter what DB you use. (Since you're
only going to be using vanilla SQL anyway).

In the cae of PHP, I'd be hazarding a guess that the more popular
backend DBs would have better supported and tested libraries. We
went the other way and had a Coldfusion app that we developed on
MySQL but was deployed on MS SQLServer, no dramas at all.


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> Can Perl DBI and PHP work with it?
Yes to both, I have used DBI using the ODBC DBD and you can also use
the Sybase (I think) DBD driver as SQL Server was based on Sybase..
(if I have my databases right here).

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