MS SQL server anyone?

Michael James michael at
Fri Aug 30 11:32:42 EST 2002

A vendor is trying to sell us a membership database
 but at present it only runs against a foxpro ODBC file
 or a microsoft SQL (Sequel?) server.

I don't like the ODBC file idea.
A system involving shared access to a file
 (between our Linux/Solaris and their Windows systems)
 sounds like an invitation to untraceable db-file corruption.

So that leaves us with a windows server,
 but it's just answering SQL queries on the intranet,
 it need not be visible from the internet.

Does anyone know of any glaring faults of MS SQL?

Can Perl DBI and PHP work with it?

Does it provide reasonable robustness,
 the ability to throw down checkpoints
 ie: a consistent snapshot of the DB, while running,
 or dump the DB into an ascii file of SQL commands like MySQL?

And for the conversion from the existing foxpro 2.6 system,
 what open source tools exist to read a Foxpro data file.
Could they dump it into SQL that could be loaded into a MySQL/Postgress server?

TIA for any experience in this area,

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