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Fri Aug 30 09:43:55 EST 2002

On Wednesday 28 August 2002 02:00, Don Benesch wrote:

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> Subject: Grub question
> I am replacing my Linux drive in my dual boot machine with a newer one,
> and= I'm using Grub as my loader.  I want to keep the windows drive, but
> when I= remove the old drive and install the new one it hangs on boot.

Most of Grub's files are outside of the MBR - these essential files won't be 
accessable after the Linux drive is upgraded.

I can't see a solution other than re-installing Grub with the new drive in 
its final location.  It would be prudent to ensure that you have a Windows 
boot floppy, so that you can restore the Windows MBR, if necessary. 
> If I use fdisk /mbr from windows will that disable Grub and allow me to=
>  boot to windows? Would this be the best way to install the new drive and=
>  leave the windows drive un-damaged?

It would work.   If you have a recent BIOS, which can exclude "C" from the 
boot list and include "D", you could then install Grub on BIOS "D" drive.  
Failing that, you would soon be faced with over-writing the Windows MBR on 
the BIOS "C" drive with Grub anyway and might as well install just Grub 

> I would like to install the new drive and re-install RH 7.2 and set up
> Grub= again.

Grub can be installed from a Grub boot floppy - that would avoid the chicken 
& egg situation of having to be able to boot RH, to install Grub.  


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