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Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Fri Aug 30 09:27:48 EST 2002

Nemo - earth native wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 06:43:57PM +1000, Paul Bryan did utter:
> > How about mp3, vcd and svcd? Do you know if it does those as well?
> with the CPU grunt on the Xbox, mp3 would be a no-brainer. Similarly for
> vorbis. (much more interesting IMHO, especially since Ogg Vorbis can do
> full stereo surround, and the Xbox audio hardware is full surround
> capable...
> just needs a player written...
> Personally, I've been keeping an eye on the Xbox since it first was
> announced, purely with an eye towards using it as an audio jukebox and
> possibly PVR, should the hardware be capable of it, and the software
> (under linux) get that far...
> So when will we see the Xbox at the clug demo?
> .../Nemo

It'll be at the next CLUG (of course!). Don't know about PVR. The XBox
doesn't include any video capture hardware (that I know of). It does
have four M$-ized USB interfaces - I have now converted one of them to
normal (type B plug), so that I can attach it to a normal USB hub.

Maybe a USB video capture/compression unit will be required to make it
into a PVR.


Bob Edwards.

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