Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

Michael James michael at
Mon Aug 26 13:52:56 EST 2002

I've had a look at the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard on

Looks sensible, both the motivation and the recomendations.

Once a clear rational exists for a branch exists,
 it becomes clear what should be put in it.

One distiction that is still not clear to me
 is that between /opt and /usr/local.

I've always joked it's just "/usr/local" spelt "o" "p" "t" and linked them.

The standard puts big packages in /opt,
 and limits subdirs of /usr/local.
There's a difference, but it leaves the ambiguity
 now at the level of /usr/local/bin vs /opt/bin

/opt/bin (and /opt/sbin) have links to the head executables
 for the packages in /opt
 where does that leave /usr/local ?

Didn't see any guideline to where html pages for a web server
 should be put either.  /home/www ?

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