Upgrading my monitor - follow-up

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Sun Aug 25 15:22:06 EST 2002

Felix Karpfen (felixk at webone.com.au) wrote:
> And this brings me to the crunch point of this posting.  Attached is a
> short extract from the last Thursday's Hymans auction:
> _BASE OK_. DATA CABLE. (B) [1998] [WORKING] _S/n_ 
> KR81391105 - _ARH_
> I have marked the comments that I currently find obscure.  In
> particular, I noted that some offerings are listed as "ARH" and others
> as "MIC" (my hunch is that "S/n" refers to speakers;  I am uncertain
> about how the description "SVGA" relates to the <scan rate|refresh
> rate>, but suspect that the specs applying to each model exist
> somewhere).

S/n means Serial number!   the serial number of this monitor is

ARH and MIC are probably the initials of the Hymans reps who recorded
this information.

SVGA (Super VGA - VGA being Video Graphics Adapter) is meaningless these
days as most monitors manufactured are SVGA.  Back before SVGA there was
VGA, and before that there was EGA and CGA.  Then there was Hercules and
other stuff :)  All it means is the monitor will most likely do 800x600
if not more.  Check on HP's website for the specs of the D2835 17"
monitor to find out exactly what.

The rest should be self-explanatory - built in 1998, has a base and a
cable, and the monitor was tested and found to be working.  Yes, people
do buy non-working ones ;)


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