Upgrading my monitor - comments sought

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Wed Aug 21 09:41:20 EST 2002

On Tuesday, August 20, 2002, at 03:33 , Rob Weir wrote:

> Speaking of monitors, what on Earth is the point of a 17" monitor that
> only runs at 1024x768?  Or 19" at the same?

There are many reasons including:
  - Easier for people with slightly imperfect vision to read
    (I'm talking about obscured or diminished vision which
    can't be corrected by lenses - some diabetics get blod
    clots in the aqueous humor, some people have damaged
    retinas, etc)
  - The lower resolutions can support higher frequencies,
    which are needed for offices with fluorescent lighting
  - You can sit the monitor further away from your eyes, thus
    reducing eye strain

These are reasons that spring to mind right now, I'm sure there are 

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