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Sam Couter sam at
Tue Aug 20 16:26:01 EST 2002

James Macnicol <jamesm at> wrote:
> 1.  Where are the info files for gcc hiding?  I want to know how to

sam at krusty:~$ apt-cache search gcc.*doc
aegis - Advanced software management tool.
aegis3 - Advanced software management tool.
cpp-2.95-doc - Documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp).
g77-2.95-doc - Documentation for the GNU Fortran compiler (g77).
gcc-2.95-doc - Documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++).
gcc-3.0-doc - Documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++).
gcc-3.1-doc - Documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++).
gcc-3.2-doc - Documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++).
gcc272-docs - Documentation for the gcc compiler (gcc272).
gccchecker - Memory access debugger for C language development
gpc-2.95-doc - Documentation for the GNU Pascal compiler (gpc).
prc-tools - GCC, GDB, binutils, etc. for PDAs using the PalmOS
prc-tools-doc - Documentation for the PalmOS GCC, GDB, binutils, etc.
toolchain-source - The GNU binutils and gcc source code
sam at krusty:~$

I'm using sid (unstable).

> would be likely to be in, besides why install man pages and info files
> separately?

So you can install tools without being burdened by the documentation. On
an old machine with little hard drive space, for instance.

Also, if you're downloading the packages over the net, you don't have to
download the documentation that you might not want to read.

> 2.  I have to say I'm annoyed that the latest XFree86 and KDE 3.x
> aren't in the mainline Debian archives yet (even in "unstable").  I'm

XFree86 4.2 is available from the X Strike Force:

Branden doesn't put new upstream releases in unstable right away; people
tend to make a lot of noise when X breaks. It gets some amount of alpha
testing first.

Be warned, emailing any Debian lists asking "Where's XFree86 4.2? SuSE
has it, why doesn't Debian?" will get you some interesting responses,
some maybe amusing, none helpful.

KDE 3.0 is on the way. No idea how long until it arrives. Packaging it
in a sane manner is apparently... non-trivial.
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