Debian gripes

James Macnicol jamesm at
Tue Aug 20 15:28:43 EST 2002

	Okay, so the Debian package management stuff is very nice
however I have two questions/gripes at the moment:

1.  Where are the info files for gcc hiding?  I want to know how to
use "gcov" (which comes with gcc), the manual page tells me to look in
the info file but that isn't installed.  I can't see any package they
would be likely to be in, besides why install man pages and info files
separately?  Any ideas?

2.  I have to say I'm annoyed that the latest XFree86 and KDE 3.x
aren't in the mainline Debian archives yet (even in "unstable").  I'm
fairly keen to try the new KDE which I have seen (briefly) on SuSE
boxen but I haven't got the time to mess around with using unofficial
debs from strange places.  Does anyone know when these things are
likely to be added?


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