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Simon Fowler simon at himi.org
Mon Aug 19 11:20:01 EST 2002

On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 11:09:34AM +1000, Andreas Bauer wrote:
> I want to renew my offer to give a talk about the work I'm doing on GCC at 
> the moment.  My aim is to enhance the compilation process for functional 
> and logic languages that use GNU C as target platform.  One of the major 
> problems here is the huge amount of tail-calls (i.e. calls in tail 
> position) occuring in functional programs and the question on how to 
> efficiently translate them with the GNU C compiler.
> Therefore I'm working on an alternative calling convention for GCC which 
> supports proper tail-calls.  Having such an optimisation implemented, you 
> could write tail-recursive programs without having any stack growth at all 
> and no performance losses (except for the overhead of the new calling 
> convention itself).
> Clearly, this would be an advantage not only for those who are using GHC or 
> Mercury at the moment.
> So, if you're interested in some GCC internals, the concept of tail 
> recursion and tail-calls, calling conventions and the like, please let me 
> know.  I'd be very interested to meet up with people who have worked on 
> similar projects before, or people who would be interested in using my GCC 
> optimisations for their own projects.
*raises hand again*

Looks like an interesting night ahead . . .


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