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Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Sat Aug 17 13:21:29 EST 2002

On Sat, 2002-08-17 at 09:59, Jepri wrote:
> On 2002.08.17 11:32 Donovan J. Edye wrote:
> > - Does anyone know of a good (nice GUI etc. - I use PowerTerm as my
> > Win32 telnet client) Win32 SSH client?
> putty

Putty's interface is minimal, and potentially confusing to a
dyed-in-the-wool Windows User (eg: cut-and-paste functionality is X
Windows style, not Microsoft Windows style).  I use putty myself, mainly
because I can use Pagent to store SSH keys that are loaded from a more
secure machine (assuming I have agent forwarding enabled).

ie: run pagent, run putty, ssh to my secure box (Mac OS X in my
bedroom), ssh-add my SSH keys, then go on with business.

A suitable alternative for cashed-up Windows users is SecureCRT (putty
is ideal for cash-strapped users, since it is both free and free). This
is a more Microsoft Windows look-and-feel style program, with a tool bar
and drop-down-menus.

putty -> http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/
SecureCRT -> http://www.vandyke.com/products/securecrt/

> You can remove all xservers from your debian box.  Only xclients are 
> needed.  ssh in, then
> export DISPLAY=IP.of.windows.machine:display_number

Though most SSH clients can handle port-forwarding (and most notably,
X.11 forwarding). This means your X sessions are transmitted over a
secure channel, rather than being open to interception en-route.

The DISPLAY environment variable will be set automagically by the SSH
server if you have X forwarding enabled (with the caveat that the SSH
server must allow this feature), and an X server running on the
Microsoft Windows box.  The only thing the user needs to worry about is
enabling the X Windows forwarding feature in their chosen client.

There are other SSH clients for Windows out there, these are just the
two that I've used and liked.


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