[OT] PGP compatible email client for windoze?

Alfred alfred at mazuma.net.au
Wed Aug 14 15:55:44 EST 2002

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I got a recent gunpg client from http://www.nullify.org/, the 1.0.6
binaries from www.gnupg.org would just crash (inside win32 api calls).

While we are on the topic of encrypted email clients, how does one get
people public keys so they can verify signatures? In the perfect world I
would meet everyone and get their key personally, but unfortunately I am
too slack :) (or is that fortunately?)

I noticed that enigmail checks www.keyserver.net for public keys (I have
uploaded mine to there), it their another common server to use? I
understand the lack of security in such a services (where did that
public key come from exactly?) but it is better than not being able to
verify an email at all. For mere mail signing I think that keyservers
security would be enough (due to the forethought required to compromise
a message).

John Griffiths wrote:
| so what do you use as the windows gpg client?
| At 03:04 PM 8/13/02 +1000, Terence Kearns wrote:
|>Enigmail for Mozilla is good.
|>Daniel McNamara wrote:
|>>I've been using Mozilla with theEnigmail pulgin
|>>(http://enigmail.mozdev.org)and GPG on Windows for quite some time now.
|>>It runs smoothyl, I've never had a glitch and intergrates well. Hell I'm
|>>using it now.
|>>Brad Hards wrote:
|>>>While we're on email systems...
|>>>Been playing with public key email signing / encryption, and it works
|>>>well on
|>>>my Linux system (GPG 1.06 - yeah, I know I have to upgrade) and a fairly
|>>>recent KMail.
|>>>But my business partner is a windoze (of the 2000 variation) guy, so I
|>>>put on
|>>>the freeware PGP 7.03 and ran it into outlook express. Works OK (after
|>>>struggling with why it wanted a "digital ID", grrr), but it is pretty
|>>>and a pain to use (especially compared to KMail). For example, it
|>>>manages to
|>>>put the PGP verification into the "reply to" quoted section, instead of
|>>>leaving it out.
|>>>Does anyone know of a windows email client (I only need POP3 or IMAP)
|>>>that is
|>>>fairly well integrated into PGP (or gnupg) and is fairly stable on
|>>>2000? I don't mind paying for something worth the money.
|>>>Or does the commercial version of PGP have better lookout! integration?
|>>>http://conf.linux.org.au. 22-25Jan2003. Perth, Australia. Birds in
Version: GnuPG v1.1.90-nr1 (Windows 2000)
Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla - http://enigmail.mozdev.org


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