installing debian

Terence Kearns tkearns at
Wed Aug 14 11:57:02 EST 2002

Yeah I suppose. If you run debian you just have to accept that you need 
to hack things to make them work. Nothing wrong with that in principle, 
but it would be nice if it could install without a hitch on occasion (as 
other distributions have been known to do).

The impression I get from the list is that it's worth the effort when 
and if you can get it installed.

BTW. I sorted out the XF86Config issue :/
(not that I should haven needed to).

Now I have a working installation on vmware, I can tar it up and put it 
on CD, so the next time I need an instance of it I don't have to go 
through the anguish of the debian installation process :)

Antti.Roppola at wrote:
> I wouldn't recommend Debian as a distro for a newbie anyhow.
> OTOH, my GF's laptop is Debian because I admin it, a doddle
> for her since she never needs to touch a command line and easy
> for me because I know that all the packages will play together
> nicely and not cause me a day of unexpected mess-fixing.
> Antti
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> From: Terence Kearns [mailto:tkearns at]
> I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, I mean it _is_ free so one 
> can't complain, but when comparing it with other distros, it fails on 
> the old "can a newbie install it?" test.

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