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Donovan J. Edye d.edye at bigfoot.com
Tue Aug 13 17:51:25 EST 2002


What I want to do is rather simple:

- Play DVDs through my TV
- Play audio CD's (through sound card to surround sound speakers)
- Play MP3s

What I envisaged was actually building a box with a DVD player, Sound Card,
Graphics Card with TV Out etc. However the box would cost more than a simple
DVD player (and most DVD players will play audio CDs). However a DVD home
theatre system has one short coming - you cannot put MP3s on it. Sure you
could burn an audio disk, but what would be better is if "the box" had a
built in HDD and Ethernet interface that could have musing uploaded to it
etc. Kind of a hybrid DVD player with HDD storage.

Has anyone got any pointers to hardware that does this kind of thing? Kind
of network attached multimedia player? ;-) I remember seeing a small article
in the US PC Mag a couple of months ago, but nothing since.

All suggestions, comments feedback appreciated.

-- Donovan
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