[OT] PGP compatible email client for windoze?

John Griffiths john at capmon.com
Tue Aug 13 15:11:46 EST 2002

so what do you use as the windows gpg client?

At 03:04 PM 8/13/02 +1000, Terence Kearns wrote:
>Enigmail for Mozilla is good.
>Daniel McNamara wrote:
>> I've been using Mozilla with theEnigmail pulgin 
>> (http://enigmail.mozdev.org)and GPG on Windows for quite some time now. 
>> It runs smoothyl, I've never had a glitch and intergrates well. Hell I'm 
>> using it now.
>> Cheers
>> Daniel
>> Brad Hards wrote:
>>> While we're on email systems...
>>> Been playing with public key email signing / encryption, and it works 
>>> well on
>>> my Linux system (GPG 1.06 - yeah, I know I have to upgrade) and a fairly
>>> recent KMail.
>>> But my business partner is a windoze (of the 2000 variation) guy, so I 
>>> put on
>>> the freeware PGP 7.03 and ran it into outlook express. Works OK (after 
>>> some
>>> struggling with why it wanted a "digital ID", grrr), but it is pretty 
>>> ugly
>>> and a pain to use (especially compared to KMail). For example, it 
>>> manages to
>>> put the PGP verification into the "reply to" quoted section, instead of
>>> leaving it out.
>>> Does anyone know of a windows email client (I only need POP3 or IMAP) 
>>> that is
>>> fairly well integrated into PGP (or gnupg) and is fairly stable on 
>>> windoze
>>> 2000? I don't mind paying for something worth the money.
>>> Or does the commercial version of PGP have better lookout! integration?
>>> Brad
>>> -- 
>>> http://conf.linux.org.au. 22-25Jan2003. Perth, Australia. Birds in Black.

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