Installfest -> JBoss

Doug.Palmer at Doug.Palmer at
Mon Aug 12 16:03:12 EST 2002

> Speaking of learning curve, I'm in the process of learning the whole 
> Java thing (mainly for severlets and web related apps) and the whole 
> JBoss thing seems pretty impressive as an open-source project.

That it is.

> How much experience do you have with JBoss? 

I've developed and deployed applications using it; it's the management
infrastructure for our JMS testing system. My group tests JBoss as one of
the application servers in our Middleware Technology Evaluation reports -- with our JBoss results at 

I'm less au fait with JBoss 3.0.x at the moment. It has a very different
configuration system, which I'm not up to speed on yet. It also now supports
clustering and failover, which puts it firmly at the enterprise level.
Still, got to do it sometime.

Full disclosure demands that I mention that the JBoss developers don't like
us very much.

> Enough to do a talk on 
> "installing JBoss (and related issues)" at CLUG, being that JBoss is 
> open-source and all [and is officially supported on Linux] (I believe 
> that qualifies it based on past experience???).

Probably, yes. Although it may have to wait for a couple of months. I have
to get up to speed with 3.0.x. I also have 2 small children, who chew up my
nights quite handily.

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