[OT] PGP compatible email client for windoze?

Brad Hards bhards at bigpond.net.au
Mon Aug 12 14:51:46 EST 2002

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While we're on email systems...

Been playing with public key email signing / encryption, and it works well on 
my Linux system (GPG 1.06 - yeah, I know I have to upgrade) and a fairly 
recent KMail.

But my business partner is a windoze (of the 2000 variation) guy, so I put on 
the freeware PGP 7.03 and ran it into outlook express. Works OK (after some 
struggling with why it wanted a "digital ID", grrr), but it is pretty ugly 
and a pain to use (especially compared to KMail). For example, it manages to 
put the PGP verification into the "reply to" quoted section, instead of 
leaving it out.

Does anyone know of a windows email client (I only need POP3 or IMAP) that is 
fairly well integrated into PGP (or gnupg) and is fairly stable on windoze 
2000? I don't mind paying for something worth the money.

Or does the commercial version of PGP have better lookout! integration?


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