MS Exchange client for linux?

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Mon Aug 12 13:02:08 EST 2002

We're getting a bit off-topic, I guess, but it's never stopped anyone

OWA comes and is installed by default with Exchange 2000. I can't
remember the default install behaviour with Exchange 5.5 or earlier. It
doesn't need to be installed on the same box that houses the Exchange
information store but it does rely on IIS. Exchange 2000 OWA makes heavy
use of WebDAV and several of the methods it uses are not supported by
some older proxy servers (Squid 2.3 and earlier, for example). You can
get around that by patching Squid or (preferably) by using SSL.

OWA is still pretty painful over a dialup link, but when the browser is
something other than IE 5.0+ (or possibly 5.5+), you don't get all the
(ActiveX) bells and whistles and it's more tolerable. This is how it'll
be with Netscape and/or Mozilla.

OWA might be a reasonable solution, depending on your needs. Someone
else mentioned using POP3 (presumably in combination with SMTP) -- POP3
and IMAP interfaces to the information store are installed and enabled
by default, so chances are unless your Exchange guy/girl has manually
disabled them post-install, they'll be available. You can also do POP3/S
and IMAP/S if it's configured.

There are many options available to you.. If you need the full Outlook
(MAPI) client and an emulator isn't good enough, you might consider some
kind of thin client solution (e.g. Citrix MetaFrame -- $$). I don't
think there is a MS Terminal Services (RDP) client for non-Win32
platforms, but I might be wrong. The "seamless windows" feature of
MetaFrame is really quite good, although it's been ages since I used a
MetaFrame client on Unix and back then it was a Win32 client feature

If you've got Exchange 5.5, the options are pretty much the same,
depending on the underlying OS (Windows NT or Windows 2000)


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All else failing, there is a Microsoft Product (Ugh...) Outlook Web
The Exchange admin has to run it up on the Exchange box. It uses IIS to
a Java heavy web mail client that looks and smells very much like
Works nice with Netscape 4 or Mozilla...



Quoting Geoff Smith <gsmith at>:

> Hi all,
> Does anyone know of a linux client to send/receive mail from an MS
> Exchange server? 
> Cheers,
> Geoff

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