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John Madsen john.m.madsen at
Sun Aug 11 10:16:48 EST 2002

My apologies for sending an unsolicited message, but if you like games, play on the stockmarket or you just wouldn't mind earning a few extra bucks, quid or whatever, I recommend you take a look at this website:


World Games Inc is a fairly new thing to the net and is to date only really popular in Australia and here in Norway. It looks a bit like one of the tired, old pyramid games at first glance, but differs from those in that there is no sending money upwards through the levels, no buying stuff every week/month or you lose your place, or anything like that. Your only outlay is an initial $195 or equivalent and a further $8 or so every week after 4 weeks. I won't bother with a detailed explanation here, as the website sets out the system very well.  There's also a PowerPoint presentation you can download and browse through at your leisure. The system will also feature various games like blackjack, poker and sports betting, which will be implemented in the future.

This is no "get rich real quick" scheme, but rather a system which will reward those who are willing to put in a little bit of work now and then over time and, of course, the more effort, the greater the rewards.  The bonus for all those who join now, is that the game is really only beginning to spread throughout the rest of the world (there are a very few players in Sweden, the UK, Denmark and the US so far) and getting in early is a definite advantage.

My own personal experience so far is very limited, as I held off joining in order to see how my friends did (most of them joined right away) but now I've jumped on the bandwagon myself, since the most industrious of them earn around $200/week (after about 6 weeks). Like I said - no-one is claiming you'll be able to quit your job in six months and move to the Bahamas, but you're just about guaranteed to get your money back and more besides if you can find two people who'll join up below you.

My reason for writing this is, of course, almost entirely self-serving.  I need more members to join below me, in order that I earn more money.  However, any money I earn WILL NOT come out of your money, so it's entirely in your interest too.  Spend a few minutes of your time checking it out and you'll see what I mean - it may pay off very handsomely indeed.  If you're interested or have any questions, just mail me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

John M. Madsen
(john.m.madsen at

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