Managing Expectations (was Re: Debian 3.0 CDRs)

Simon Burton simonb at
Sat Aug 10 01:36:57 EST 2002

Yes, vi is pretty bad. It took me 10 years to
get over my first impressions of vi (eeeeck! run for cover!!)
but now i love my vim and use it everywhere.
I don't expect it to take any less time
for debian. That means i have another 7 years to go.

- simon

On Fri, 9 Aug 2002 12:00:43 +1000
Antti.Roppola at wrote:

> >Its first impressions that are important, and Debian let me down in that 
> >department. Perhaps some of the Debian team can take this to heart :)
> Well vi would have to be pretty bad then, with its beeping or non-beeping mode.
> Antti

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