Debian 3.0 CDRs

Sam Couter sam at
Fri Aug 9 10:49:38 EST 2002

Matthew Hawkins <matt at> wrote:
> Try upgrading to Apache 2.0 (its packaged in unstable, though I'm unsure
> how the hell that package got past the RM.  I think it was carried like
> a pathogen ;-)   It's nasty on various levels of nastiness.

It's unstable. ;)

Unstable has no Release Manager. Any Debian Developer can upload any
package update to unstable without the approval of anyone else. Any
Debian Developer can upload an entirely new package, but the ftpmasters
have to add that new package to the override file before it becomes
available as part of unstable. They'll nearly always add that unless the
package isn't licensed correctly or has obvious severe (or malicious)

> On the flip side, I was running Apache 2.0 on FreeBSD quite happily four
> months?  Maybe more?  before that ... package ... hit Sid.  Nice to see
> Sid being what it should be though... lots of broken, nasty things ;-)

It's there so the Apache team can work out their policy for upgrades,
virtual hosting, packages that depend on Apache, etc, etc. Yes, it's
very rough. That's because they're not just trying to provide Apache,
they're trying to work out how they can provide a complete web hosting
environment that's easy for the system administrator to manage. They
also have to make everything (including virtual hosting) sanely fit the
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