Debian 3.0 CDRs

Geoff Smith gsmith at
Thu Aug 8 19:13:18 EST 2002

OK, I'm convinced enough to give Debian a fair go. I've tried Debian
before, but gave up because something didn't 'just work' like redhat
did. Anyway, I'm in a better position to give it a fairer trial now, and
so I'm keen to get a hold of a cd set. 

In my first email I said ANU cause it seemed like a good generic place,
and I'm around there often enough for it to be convenient. (Thanks for
your offer Drake, but I'm very bandwidth limited... So network install
isn't really a good option). 

So, if anyone who's around Civic or Belconnen or Gungahlin area has a
copy of the CD set (do I need all 7? Is it good to have all 7 just
because?) it'd be fantastic to be able to score a copy. Replacement
blanks and all that. 

I'm checking out the Debian doco pages, which seem to be pretty good.
Can anyone point to any doco that's really good for a redhat convert?
Something on the Debian way I guess is what I'd be after.

Thanks for all your comments.



      Geoff Smith 

   gsmith at

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