Debian 3.0 CDRs

Alfred alfred at
Thu Aug 8 14:14:57 EST 2002

> If you were using dselect and/or aptitude and/or deity or some other
> frontend to APT, you might have had an easier time.
I had no UI when the installer had finished....

> But, using APT:
> apt-get update && apt-get install x-window-system kde
Wouldn't work because it pointed to older releases. I needed Xfree 4.0 
and wanted KDE 2.2. The default grabbed 3.x and 2.0.

> You shouldn't have had to touch APT config files once you've specified
> which archives it should use.
Finding the archives I wanted (for my newer versions) was painful. It 
was "hackish" to get the versions I wanted (stable but newer ones).

It wasn't an easy process to install newish versions of programs I 
wanted (i.e versions similar to what Mandrake ships). The install 
process needed a bit of polish (IMHO).

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