Debian 3.0 CDRs

Alfred alfred at
Thu Aug 8 13:28:03 EST 2002

At the risk of being flamed I would like to add a con to using Debian. 
When I installed it (eventually, the boot disks kepts segfaulting during 
install...) it was a bare system. To get Xfree 4.0 (for GL support) and 
KDE 2.2 to run was a major exercise, with lots of hacking of apt config 
files to make it work. In the end I gave up and reinstalled Mandrake...

When it comes to dependancies I like the FreeBSD ports system. "cd" into 
the package you want and type "make", works like a charm every time :)

Antti.Roppola at wrote:
> Mark Paine wrote:
>>The other great advantage to Debian is the Debian Policy which I think is under 
>>rated by a lot of people.
> Probably a major factor in the general quality I have found in Debian. I think
> the policy is just as big a thing as apt.
> The other nifty thing I like is having in my sources list,
> this, policy and apt makes it very easy to fire of a round of security updates
> without too much worry about breaking things.
> Thirdly, I haven't had a recent set of Debian CDs for a long time now. I just
> install from a network boot image or an old CD set and install from the network.
> Antti

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