Debian 3.0 CDRs

Mark Paine mark at
Thu Aug 8 13:12:50 EST 2002

Quoting geoffco at
> Hi all,
> Could some nice person at ANU burn me a copy of Debian 3.0??? 
> I'll replace your blanks of course. 
> And just cause I'm curious, a list of reasons why I'd want to use Debian
> instead of RedHat (which I've been using for the past 4 years....)

This has been discussed many times, and I don't intend to start another this 
distro is better than that distro' thread.  However here is my take on it.

Mainy Debianites would say one word - apt.  The package manager does a far far 
better job than rpm does.  I have used Debian for around 3yrs and did dabble 
with RedHat on my workstation (Debian is on my server).  Red Hat was so &^$%#$% 
frustrating in getting packages installed or removed it was not funny.  My 
workstation now runs Debian and is about to be upgraded to Woody followed by 
the server.

The other great advantage to Debian is the Debian Policy which I think is under 
rated by a lot of people.  It states clearly where files and information is to 
be located.  If you want a configuration file, go look in /etc and it will be 
there, or in a sub-directory.  (I installed Squirrelmail recently and its 
config files sit in the directory where program resides.  As part of the Debian 
packaging, the config directory had been linked to /etc/squirrelmail. Other 
files went off to /var/share.)  With Red Hat I found config stuff scattered all 
over the place.  Its a personal preference in this case whether the config for 
a progam sits with the program, or sits with all other configs.  I prefer them 
in one place.  You may not.

With Debian, everything just *is*.  It works, it runs, its consistent.

If you find Red Hat works, stick to it.  If you can spare some disk space and 
time, then try Debian by all means.

Mark P.
.sig - TBA

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