Drake Diedrich dld at
Wed Aug 7 22:49:42 EST 2002

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 06:23:30PM +1000, Paul Bryan wrote:
> I also work at CIT and may be able to swing some (semi)-unrestricted internet 
> access. I'll ask my boss if we can provide it. 
> We could possibly use a proxy on the restircted network and point it at an 
> upstream proxy that we (in my department) use independantly of the rest of 
> the CIT network. is our local web proxy and should allow
hit_access's from most carno sites (let me know if it doesn't and we'll
reconfigure.  Probably broke access when we switched firewalls).  Should
have a good hitrate against

deb unstable main contrib non-free
deb unstable/non-US main contrib non-free
deb stable main contrib non-free
deb stable/non-US main contrib non-free

> Everyone has to play nice though ;)

   Hmm, rate limiting on the proxy for accesses to your upstream cache?
Something like [guess]

iptables -s -p tcp -m limit --limit 10/s -j ACCEPT
iptables -s -p tcp -j DROP

Or to build a private archive server, just copy the CD's you want
intact into the same directory, and cat the Packages from each CD
together and put the combined files in the new diskspace.
Or copy the packages.gz's from upstream, or build fresh ones with
dpkg-scanpackages.  Lots of ways, none too hard.

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