TransACT Help

Jeremy H jeremy at
Wed Aug 7 22:21:18 EST 2002

I have recently installed Mandrake 8.2 on my system and everything went fine. For the last 6 Months I 
have been using TransACT (via Web One) on my windows PC without a problem. Now I am trying to get it 
to work on my Linux PC. The problem is that I can't find any PPPoE options. Although,  I was told once 
that Mandrake came with support for it.

When I go into the net connect wizard it auto detects the Network card, although then it comes up with a 
list of connections and has the "Lan Connection" box already ticked. (the others are dialup, ADSL, Cable 
So I go to that and after a few more screens it asks about my IP address - The problem is that the auto 
detect says for "bootp/dhcp" which I am pretty sure isn't what transACT uses (although transACT requires 
an auto detect as far as I know). I tried them and they did not work.

I'm wondering if any of you could give me info on how I can possibly get TransACT working on this linux 

for the sake of providing more info, my mandrake kit came with the 2 installation CDs and one app CD - 
which I searched and couldn't find any PPPoE on.

Any help wouyld be great.

- Jeremy.

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