Off topic: VoIP

Alfred alfred at
Wed Aug 7 17:16:44 EST 2002

Try the Internet Phone Jack

It provides a pots interface to your PC which can then be tunneled via H323.
And the best thing about this card is that it works with linux (using 
openh323, :)

Jan Newmarch wrote:
> Posting this here because of all the wise heads that know lots of 
> things besides Linux...
> I would like to make my laptop a roaming phone around the Monash
> campuses, so that when people dial the fixed phone line in my
> office, it gets picked up by my desktop machine and then uses
> VoIP to connect to wherever my laptop happens to be.
> I can handle the IP stuff okay (well, maybe). I know there are
> PABX <-> computer bridges. But is there a card or box to plug
> into an individual phone socket and into my PC that will act as a
> bridge between the POTS system and the PC? A modem can obviously 
> perform some sort of conversions but I guess I need more than 
> that. I am basically ignorant of the telephone system...
> (Security issues have already been raised, and will be addresed
> in the fullness of time.)
> Thanks
> Jan

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