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Wed Aug 7 15:46:09 EST 2002

On Wednesday, August 7, 2002, at 12:35 , Gough, Chris wrote:

> ... final semester students about their "big project", and more than 
> half
> of them wanted make VB / MS Access systems. I would be great to nip that
> sort of thing in the bud, most of the students seem oblivious to the 
> open
> source world.

At the University of Canberra, the Microsoft way is the only way.  They 
now teach Visual Basic and Visual C++ most of the way through.  I'd 
prefer they taught Ada than Visual studio.

> I had thought about pre burning Debian CDs, but the catch is while i 
> have
> the HOD's support for the idea of holding an installfest (hence the
> availability of space), his condition was that I don't get involved in
> handling student's money. If students (or whoever else attends) didn't 
> bring
> a box, at least they should all be able to take home a distro...

Tell the students who want a Linux distro (or install CD) to bring along 
a box of CD-Rs, and they can have them burnt or swapped on the night.

> Also, there may be some issues about a rampant subnet of Linux 
> newborn's gasping for their first breath on the CIT network - I can 
> anticipate objections to that. Probably safest to set up an isolated 
> network, the use the CIT network for demo's.

One machine with Debian GNU/Linux and apt-proxy should be able to serve 
all the others off a switch/hub - it will be slow but doable.

> I have mixed fealings about this though, because to my mind the best 
> outcome
> would be get some of the students enthusiastic about Open-Source in 
> general,
> as well as improving their UNIX competency beyond the introductory 
> course.

The best way to truly appreciate Debian is to use RedHat first.

Just IMHO.

"We never have definite knowledge of what needs to be done until we're 
finished and discover how wrong we were."
   -- Dan Burke and Alan Morrison, "Business @ The Speed Of Stupid"
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